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- College Board will not be able to administer SAT exams on June 6, 2020, due to the ongoing pandemic

- SAT and SAT Subject Test administration was canceled by the College Board that was originally scheduled on May 2, 2020

- There may be a weekend SAT administrations that will start on August up to the end of the calendar year if it’s already safe

- College Board will be providing an online SAT for home use around the Spring season for the convenience of AP students

- Students can use this time to study and practice for the SAT examinations as well as prepare for college applications

Need help to get you prepared for the upcoming SAT exams?

Enroll in our highly effective tutoring services!

Strategic Test Practicing

Enrolling in SAT Online Tutoring

  • Study for your SAT examination with the most productive study method with a flexible schedule that fits you best
  • Interactive classes through video calls and the use of engaging online media platforms for higher knowledge retention
  • Access to experienced tutors to answer any difficult topic questions you may encounter
  • Take advantage of our online mindful learning techniques to best prepare for the SAT exam

Strategic Test Practicing

Why Choose Bodhi Academy for SAT Online Tutoring?

  • We use an interactive online classroom setting to keep our students engaged, entertained, and educated throughout the online tutoring sessions
  • Our tutors are highly experienced and fully dedicated to your learning and practices during both online session and additional offline exercises
  • We share our mindful learning and studying techniques to help students stay calm, alert, attentive during our lessons and while taking the SAT exams

Conquering SAT Exams Starts NOW

Group Tutoring

Up to 8-week Practice:

  • from Jun 2nd to Aug 27th
  • new start every week
  • 3 sessions per week
  • 3 hours per session

Fee: $100/week 

(First-time registration fee: $25) 

(SAT Books can be purchased separately or rented for $25)

Private Tutoring

If you only needs to ask questions on certain topics or problems that you may encounter during your self-study SAT preparation, then this option would be perfect for you to spend time with our tutor one-on-one basis at:

$30/hour, with one hour minimum per session.

(15% off for 10 hours prepaid)

Save on Tuitions:

>> Pre-paid 3 months for Group Tutoring: 15% OFF

>> Pre-paid 10 hours for Private Tutoring: 15% OFF

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