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COVID-19 Tuition Relief Program:

$1,000 grant for 2020-2021 school year

⇒ Enroll your kids into Bodhi Academy’s integrated Mindfulness Afterschool Program (iMAP) starting on Aug 24th, 2020
⇒ Specifically designed to help young learners grow and develop with a-whole-child approach to achieve their full potentials

Up to 50% Financial Assistance for Low Income Families

What is Virtual iMAP?

With the challenging school time during the pandemic, children may still benefit a lot from an effective online After-School Program from home.  The Virtual integrated Mindfulness After-school Program (iMAP) aims to assist your kids not only in improving academic performance but also in learning soft skills to self-care for their mental wellness:

  • Fun and safe online learning environment for K-8 students.
  • Excel in academics with our effective tutoring strategy and/or assistance to complete their homework.
  • Experience mindfulness practice and positive interaction for kids with our caring adult role models.
  • Cultivate Compassion, Awareness, Respect, and Exploration values with other students from various backgrounds.
  • Learn social-emotional skills, unique skills not offered in most traditional schools, to promote positive self-care and life-balance.

Take advantage of Bodhi Academy’s Virtual iMAP with COVID-19 Tuition Relief Grant Program

  • We are your partner in raising and equipping your child ready to grow happily. That is why we’d love to have your child to be a part of our virtual iMAP activities.
  • Our Donors and Sponsors have also helped to make this possible through our COVID-19 Tuition Relief Grant Program offering $1,000 after-school tuition assistance per child for the whole  school year during this challenging time
    • First come first serve for students registered in August 2020 or until funds run out
  • In addition, qualified students may also apply for the following:
    • Scholarships worth up $3,000 for one school year 
    • 25% to 50% Financial Assistance for low income families and foster care kids

Why choose Bodhi Academy’s After-school Program?

🎯We have your and your child’s best interest in the iMAP program. You don’t need to go to our center. All you have to do is access the program online!

🎯We wish to nurture each and every child so that they will grow up happily to become responsible and valuable members of families and society.

🎯We help to water the seeds of CARE values: Compassion, Awareness, Respect, and Exploration through mindfulness lessons, team-building activities, art & science projects, etc.

🎯We train students in developing good habits of concentration, impulse control, emotion management, and effective learning techniques in all subjects

Like any other skill, swimming or playing piano, mindfulness needs to be practiced on a regular basis.  In the long run, iMAP diligent participation yields great benefits that would

  • Support a positive learning attitude in school
  • Provide a well-balanced lifestyle for youth
  • Promote mental wellness and inner fitness
  • Potentially prevent juvenile concerns

Virtual iMAP Hours:

From Aug 24, 2020 to June 18, 2021
Session 1: Monday to Friday, 2pm to 4pm
Session 2: Monday to Friday, 3pm to 5pm
Session 3: Monday to Friday, 4pm to 6pm
>> Live / Real-Time Engagement in Small Groups <<

Virtual iMAP Monthly Fee

  • $300 per student for full time attendance of all 5 days a week in a month (4 weeks) with these possible scholarships and discount:
    • Advance and Auto-Pay* Discount: up to $50 off a month per student (a $500 value for the school year)
    • COVID-19 Relief Grant: up to $100 off a month per student (a $1,000 value for the school year)
    • Partial attendance is prorated upon request 
  • $25 enrollment fee for new students only
  • $20/hour for private tutoring on a requested subject.
  • Siblings discount, referral credits, and scholarships, and financial aids for low-income families available upon request.        (*Processing fee may apply)

Virtual iMAP Activities:

> Academic Support: assist students to complete their homework in a fresh mind and body following the guided relaxation.

> Guided Relaxation: offer a body scan technique to help students learn to truly relax every part of their bodies by letting go of tensions and stress that have built up during the school day.

> Brain Break Exercises: help students to relax their minds in order to enhance focus and attention while doing homework or studying.

> Enriching Workshops: broaden students’ skill sets through yoga, arts and crafts, earth stewardship, science, conflict resolution, mindfulness lessons, etc.

We care for the children’s wellness, not for profit!

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