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Mindful Exercises That You Can Do Today

Mindful Exercises That You Can Do Today


We are constantly trying to achieve something in life, and during that process, we are constantly stressed, anxious, and high strung – we often forget to stop and take care of our body and mental health.

Most of us just don’t have the luxury of time to sit down and meditate, how much more for 30 minutes of exercise?

But what if we say that those 30 minutes of exercise can mean the difference between having a great and bad day? A 30 minute break every day is an essential part of maintaining a healthy balance. Within those 30 minutes, you can achieve a positive state of mind.

Even if you’re a busy bee, spare at least 30 minutes to do the following exercises. Exercises that will ease your mind and give you that much-needed serenity amidst the chaos of everything. Here are mindful exercises that you can do anytime, anywhere.

1.    Mindful Breathing

You can do this exercise either standing up or sitting down, and can be done almost anywhere, anytime. If you’re able to sit down in the lotus position, the better. The only thing to do is to focus on your breathing for a minute.

  • Take a deep breath in for 3 seconds, and slowly exhale for 3 seconds. A breathing cycle needs to be 6 seconds minimum.
  • Breathe in through your nostrils and exhale out your mouth.
  • Clear your mind. Don’t think about what had already happened, and don’t worry about the things you’ll need to do. Focus on the moment, on your breathing and relax.

2.    Mindful Observation

We often miss the slightest details of everyday life as we continue rushing to our jobs, school, or w/e your plans are. This exercise is meant to help us appreciate the slightest details in our environment that are often missed.

  • Simply choose a subject that you can focus on for a minute or two. It can be anything. A bee, a flower, a plant, the clouds, the stars, etc.
  • Do nothing else but focus on your subject. If it’s an animal, focus on its traits and movement.
  • Clear your mind and focus on your subject like it’s the first time you’re seeing it.
  • Visually explore every bit of its detail. From its shape, movement, etc.

3.    Mindful Awareness

This mindful exercise is designed to enable us to have a newfound appreciation of the daily things we use and do in life. Think of a task that you take for granted in your everyday life. For example, the act of opening a door, walking, etc.

Appreciate each step you take. Think about how blessed you are that you have that ability. Be mindful and recognize what you feel during that moment, as well as where your feet may lead you.

Think of how fortunate you are to have both feet, while others are unfortunate to not have any. Think of how much life is harder for them, and yet, you take yours for granted.

Choose a specific action or activity that you take granted for every day, and instead of going through the motion, stop and be aware of how blessed you are to be able to do those things.

  1. Mindful Listening

This exercise is not meant to eavesdrop, but to open your ears and appreciate everything that’s around you. This exercise trains your mind not to be swayed by your past experiences and preconceived notions.

You may not realize it but our feelings are affected by past experiences. For example, a song reminds you of a bad experience. You would naturally hate that song because of the experience that’s associated with it.

With this exercise, we’ll erase all that. Look for a song that you haven’t listened to.

  • Put your earphones/headphones on.
  • Don’t let the genre of the song, the artist, or title sway your feelings before playing it.
  • Let go of any negativity and let you mindfully experience the music. Explore the different instruments. Separate and analyze each one of the instruments.
  • Move on to the vocals and focus on the range of tones used as well as the sound of the voice.

The idea behind it is to immerse yourself, to be consumed by the music, and to let go of any preconception and judgment.

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