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We encourage both parents and children to write and express their kindness and appreciation to each other through our Letter of the Year program.

Our Letter of the Year program aims to create a platform for both parents and children to deeply be aware of each other’s presence in their life and show appreciation in writings while giving you a chance to win amazing prizes.

Program Details

Our Letters of the Year program has two categories:

  • Appreciation Letters for Parents
  • Appreciation Letters for Children

Program Objectives:

  • Promote kindness and appreciation for parents and children to help build healthy and happy family relationships.
  • Remind the precious presence of parents in the children’s lives and vice versa.
  • Warm up the year end with heartfelt memories in families and communities.
  • Encourage kindness and caring acts that overcome life’s challenges.

Why Should You Join?

  • Allow both parents and children to appreciate each other’s presence in their lives
  • End 2019 with heartfelt letters for one another

Opportunity to enjoy family prizes up to $1,000 of value!

Who Can Write Letters?

  • Children write appreciation for Parents
  • Teenagers write appreciation for Parents
  • Parents write appreciation for Parents
  • Parents write appreciation for Children

How To Submit Letters?

There are 3 ways of submitting your letter:

  1. Using the form in this page
  2. Email your letter to
  3. Mail your letter to Bodhi Academy – 8762 Garden Grove Blvd.Ste 102 Garden Grove, CA 92844

How Will Letters Be Selected for Winning?

50% by the general public

50% by the judge’s panel

Minimum criteria: letter must be at 400 words or 1-page length minimum; must the original work and resources must be cited

  • Once submit, the letter will be a part of the public facing content so please do not use found language or inappropriate materials.
  • The program is free to enter the program contest but the participants must register through Bodhi Academy website
  • Letters will be selected based on contents more than grammars or writing styles


  • Submission Time: November 30th – Jan 5th
  • Voting & Grading Time: January 9th – January 22nd

Event Time: jan 24th, 2020


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