Internship Opportunity


Earn your expericence or even college credit for your education related fields!

Make a difference in a child’s life while gaining valuable skills and experience for your future profession in education, sociology, psychology, or youth development!

You may apply for this intership to earn work experience and leadership skills to enrich your resume and prepare for your future career field. If you are studying education, coaching, leadership, counseling, social behavior, or psychology, youth educational program provides a rewarding internship opportunity.

How Internship Program Works:

The proposed iMAP is the very first mindfulness-based afterschool program that will serve multiple goals of academic improvement as well as offering a positive moral impact to young children. The program will be from Monday to Friday from 3PM until 6 PM. You are not expected to work for all 5 days, however at least 2 days a week are required.  As an intern for iMAP, you will be expected to mindfully take care of the children, mentally, physically, and emotionally.  We offer afterschool homework help, tutoring, and day-care services all integrated with mindfulness practices. As an intern, you will also be awarded with a monthly stipend.

There are two internship programs: Regular Internship and College Credit Internship. Both programs take place at our center in Garden Grove, CA. Interns may gain up to 60 hours per month of experience working with children, teens, young adults, staff, teachers, and community leaders.

The Regular Internship Program is for local students who would like to work and gain their experiences throughout the school years on a flexible weekday. Interns may also receive stipends for work time depending on their experience and effort contribution ranging from $100 to $500 a month.

The College Credit Internship Program is for both local and abroad students who will commit to a fixed duration of internship required by respective colleges. Depending on availability and interest, interns may receive a stipend for work time as well. Interns will also be given time for the necessary reports and mentoring throughout the program. This program is best fit for students who wish to earn college credit.

How to Apply:

Click the APPLY button below to fill out an internship application. If earning college credit is a priority for you, first consult with your college’s Career Services office about internship requirements. You may also need to speak with the head of your academic department. If your college does allow you to earn internship credit via working for our program, you’ll need to:

  1. Apply for the internship program.
  2. Bring the necessary paperworks from school to us.
  3. Complete the internship and return the paperworks to the appropriate administrator at your school.

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