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Speak American English Professionally

for non-native Speakers

With a group of two, you may start anytime

Monday to Friday, 6:00PM – 7:00PM

Online English Speaking Course:

$150 for every 2 Weeks

Train yourself in American English speaking accent and pronunciation correctly and professionally with our native English speaking instructors via interactive online learning platform.  We will help you to practice your pronunciation along with effective oral communication skill.  If you sound professionally in your English speaking, you will gain the confidence and respect for the real talent of  technical skill level that you possess!  

Why Use Our Tutoring Services?

>> We use collaborative online platforms in small group practice to make English learning fun and effective.

>> Our experienced English teachers are caring individuals who wish to help others improve their language skills.

>> Mindful exercises are integrated during our sessions to help you cope with learning stress and anxiety.