Summer 2020…launching


From Aug 9 to Aug 14, 2020

V-CAMP: Virtual Creative Art & Mindful Projects 
Virtual Programming and Project-Packed Activities from BYA and Bodhi Academy

What is V-CAMP?

V-CAMP is our virtual summer camp 2020! It represents an online version of CAMP and stands for Virtual Creative Art & Mindful Projects.

V-CAMP is our way of bringing the signature BYA Summer Camp Experience to you. Like any other summer, our Virtual CAMP programming and activities will entail creative, colorful, engaging, and hands-on activities as well as our signature soft skill workshops in mindfulness and social-emotional learning. The difference is that our curriculum has been thoughtfully re-designed to encourage independence, build confidence, and strengthen inner fitness through hands-on activities and virtual workshops from home – or wherever you are.

That’s right – we will provide all the fun supplies, project how-tos, and an engaging and supportive instructor – and you will bring joyful energy and creativity! Together we will Create Cool Things and Help Things Cool!

This is it! A wonderful opportunity for… past campers to refresh their mindfulness skills or strengthen their practice!… and for new campers to learn mindfulness and begin their practice to get ready for many changes in the upcoming school year with a challenging learning environment!

What will CAMP include?

3 Main Things!
1. Super Cool Supply Kits – shipped right to you
2. DIY Videos Instruction emails to inspire your creativity to create Stuff in your own Time & Space
3. Live / Real-Time Engagement in Small Groups

V-CAMP Activities

CAMP is open to youngsters entering 3th – 12th grades, grouped by age (3rd to 8th graders for children and 9th to 12th graders for teens).

Open to all, anywhere! The V-Camp will run for the full week with various sessions per day. And you can see all activities described here.

  • Be-Kind Creative World: thoughtful art projects to appreciate multicultural diversity and to engage in protecting our beautiful Earth environment.
  • Free-of-Image Design Studio: mix-n-match fun design of t-shirts and room décor to showcase their personality and enjoy others.
  • Secret Science and Magic: learn the science behind everything in a clever mix of fun projects that use chemistry, physics and biology. Over the course of the week, they will make cool projects, conduct experiments and search for clues — then use their findings to open a chamber of magical life secret.
  • Inside Out Time Machine: Various educational game design to help campers to explore their own emotions and inner strength. Just like traveling into Riley’s mind, campers will get to meet their own joy, fear, anger, disgust, sadness, and even Bing Bong. This is an incredible tool for social-emotional learning to train campers in soft skills and it’s also super fun!
  • Back-to-School Mindful Studio: Various activities including yoga, brain break exercise, eyestrain relief technique, re-energize meditation, and many mindfulness practices in social media, self-compassion, bullying awareness, mindful study & test-taking. All these wonderful workshops to prepare campers with a healthy mind and soft skills to successfully study and learn in a new fully-virtual school setting.

V-CAMP Pricing

Our virtual CAMPs run for the full week and include all supplies, step-by-step project how-to’s via live instruction, reference videos and downloadable PDFs, and daily live engagement.

Camp Fees are to cover project materials and some staffing to carry out the daily programs. Our Dharma teachers and CAMP counselors are all volunteers!

All Class Themes for children: $150/week

  • All Class Themes for children (3rd to 8th graders): $150/week
  • Camper Sibling Discount: $100/week per additional child in the same household
  • Auditing Sibling Discount: $20/week per additional child in the same household outside of the age range

All Class Themes for teens: $100/week

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Thanks to our sponsors for Art & Crafts materials, we’re able to lower the cost by $50!

V-CAMP daily schedule

Aug 9 is reserved for V-Camp Orientations & Preparation with a 2-hour session

For children’s V-Camp: each day will include 2.5 hours of live instruction and engagement, spread across 2 sessions. In between daily live sessions, CAMPers will be able to work on their project-of-the-day independently using the supplies shipped to your home.
For teens’ V-Camp: each day will include 3 hours of live instruction and engagement, spread across 2 sessions. Teen campers will not have creativity projects but will have research & presentation topics.

Additionally –– all DIY videos and online sessions will be recorded and available for reference at any time, so you can access them whenever needed or desired, beyond your week of CAMP.

The proposed times (per age group) are:

For 3rd to 5th grade campers
10:30am – 11:30am (PST): Morning Session LIVE
1:00pm – 2:30pm (PST): Afternoon Session LIVE

For 6th to 8th grade campers
9:30am – 10:30am (PST): Morning Session LIVE
2:30pm – 4:00pm (PST): Afternoon Session LIVE

For 9th to 12th grade campers
9:30am – 11:00am (PST): Morning Session LIVE
4:00pm – 5:30pm (PST): Afternoon Session LIVE

The session descriptions are:

Morning Creative Art LIVE Session for up to 1.5 hour 
The first live session of the day will be used for project introduction, fun and engaging group bonding activities, and project how-tos!

Independent Work Time
Children CAMPers can continue to create and make on their own, with the supplies shipped to your home. Creativity is key!

Teen CAMPers will have topics assigned for research and presentation to other campers.

Afternoon Mindful Project LIVE Session for up to 1.5 hours
Come back online for the second daily live session to practice and learn soft skills to cope with stress and anxiety in online school learning as well as to show your projects and ask questions! 

Small class sizes grouped by age
Individual instructors/counselors will lead each small group of CAMPers.