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Even with limited funding during the pandemic, we still manage to happily announce scholarship opportunities for the 2020-2021 school year with full and half scholarships available to qualified students.  Financial assistance is also available for low-income families or families experiencing financial hardships due to the pandemic.


  • To provide qualified students an opportunity to attend our Integrated Mindfulness After-School Program (iMAP) so that they may build a strong foundation for lifelong social-emotional well being.
  • Daily mindfulness practice has been proven to support students’ academic development through improving their concentration, reducing stress levels, and training them to effectively deal with difficult emotions.

Full Ride or Half Scholarships

  • Students awarded a full-ride or half scholarship will be committed to attending iMAP every school day (Monday – Friday). Regularly practicing alongside other students and instructors makes it easier for the student to integrate mindfulness into his/her academic learning.
  • With the support of experienced instructors, the student will learn how to breathe, sit, walk, and eat mindfully so that he/she has a chance to slow down after a long day at school and develop greater self-awareness and appreciation for the present moment. When practicing to rest the body and mind, the student experiences calmness and enhanced concentration, which allows him/her to study, learn, and complete homework more effectively.
  • The student will also demonstrate the diligent practice Bodhi Academy’s core values of Compassion, Awareness, Respect, and Exploration (CARE) through mindfulness lessons, team-building exercises, art, science projects, etc. and the ethical guidance of instructors.
  • Daily participation in iMAP during these school months will help him/her develop strong social-emotional skills, inner stability, and a wholesome, balanced lifestyle — all of which has been proven to have a positive effect on academic engagement.
  • Qualified students will have all expenses paid for those 10 months of the school year with a total value of up to $2,000.

Financial Assistance – up to 25%, 40% or 50% discounts

  • A student may be awarded up to 50% discount on tuition as financial support based on family income qualifications and budget availability
  • The student will also be committed to attending iMAP every school day (Monday – Friday) in order to fully benefit from the mindfulness practice and build a strong foundation for lifelong social-emotional well-being.
  • The student will enjoy all the aforementioned benefits listed underneath the Scholarship and will have 25% to 50% expenses paid for the months of a school year with a total value of up to $1,500.


1st to 8th-grade students who are applying for financial aids:

  • From families experiencing low-income/financial hardship
  • Foster care families

3rd to 8th-grade students who are applying for scholarships:

  • Any student with special circumstances and interest in learning mindfulness practices for the enrichment of their daily life, stress reduction, and academic support

How to Apply:

  • Fill out the iMAP Registration to reserve your space
  • Write a letter describing why you’d want your children to learn (or continue practicing) mindfulness at Bodhi Academy’s Integrated After-School Mindfulness Program (iMAP) and how you think it will help your children in life, school, and relationships.
    • **For scholarship applicants, we will also need a similar letter from the student himself or herself.
  • A copy of a recent academic report card
  • Proof of low-income or a statement on your financial hardship circumstance with your name, student name, phone number, email address, and school district
  • ** We will also accept recommendation letters written by teachers, counselors, community leaders for students applying for scholarships **

Email all your letters and forms to: with the title “Bodhi Academy iMAP Scholarship or Financial Aid Application”.

Deadline: On-going based on funding availability

To help us make these scholarships more freely available, please consider to invite & introduce donors to our program.

All proceeds will be tax deductible allowed by law and go towards sponsoring students in attending our after-school program.